Tuesday, December 8

{ Seeking Christmas Spirit }

At the moment I'm watching Alvin and Chipmunks: A chipmunks Christmas, looking for my christmas spirit and Oomph. My Kitchen and living room is currently displaying boxes of Christmas decor until I get in the mood to make a mess so I can show off my starved Christmas tree. Which I happened to spend 5 hours last year pulling off lights from a pre-lite tree because it looked like complete and utter crap. I'll never do that again, it was like removing bubble yum bubble gum from a child's head of hair. Long and complicated, and I couldn't just cut the lights because some were good and well I'm poor and these days you salvage everything you can.

I'm going to finish watching the chipmunks. Check out these links I found.

A Pink Dolphin appears in Lake. [check it out]
55 Scandulous Barbie photos. [check it out]