Tuesday, October 6

Morning Fetish with Germans and Australians

When I woke up this morning and decided to update my blog and look for some new bizarre photos to add to the site I ran across something that was by the millions as I typed in "bizarre".
The Photo above is a band from Berlin, Germany "Cinema Bizarre". I had to see what all the buzz was about so I proceeded with research. They're actually really talented, good tone, good lyrics, great voices, and something about the look they have going on there. All young musicians Strify, Romeo, Kiro, YU are in there 20's. There song Escape to the stars (official) video on YouTube is going to be my new favorite song that I'll likely play over and over for quit some time. There also seems to be some stuff on Buzznet for those interested in learning more. Here's one more video Forever or Never on Youtube you might like.

I also happened to run across this Australian Toilet cleanser add while reading Prettyontheoutside. I'll tell you what, If cleaning the toilet included this sexy guy
I'm not sure if much would get done. So Ambi pur, if I buy your bottle will you promise
to deliver the guy as well. I can only dream. "Move over Mr.Clean, Theres a new hottie in the house"

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