Tuesday, April 27


Not only am I a big Mary Poppins fan, and I go around and about this place and that singing chim chim cher-ee and a spoonful of sugar, but I love Electronica and House music.
This new spin on Mary Poppins by Pogo, an emerging Electronic music artist used a composition of sounds from Disneys Mary Poppins to create 'Expialidocious'.

According to pogomix.net a website owned by Pogo (Nick Bertke) he's a 21-year old electronic music producer living in Perth, Western Australia.

"I have developed a large reputation on the internet for recording small sounds from single films or scenes, and sequencing them to form new pieces of music. Often described as 'Dream pop', and 'Trip House', my work has attracted an unexpected following that seems to be growing every day" - (Nick Bertke, www.pogomix.net/)

Waay cool right.
Honestly, I dont care what you think. I abosolutely love it. Right on, keep up the good work dude.

Its affirmative this song will be blissfully lingering in my head for as long as it remains.
Listen for yourself.