Tuesday, September 22

My mornings with Prettyontheoutside and Hollywoodtuna

Yesterday, was a good day and after I read a new post on Gilmores
Blog Pretty on the outside it got even better. Not only does he have a great eye for art
but his taste in men is also absolutely mouthwatering. The above photo is from DNA Magazine [drools] by photographer Frank Louis. If it wasnt for Gilmore I wouldnt have viewed this Glorious site. I love his posts and look forward to what ever it is he has to share. Thank you Gilmore for brightening my days.

Aside from Gilmores Site I also check out Hollywoodtuna. Hey, I'm not ashamed of my overly curious naughty girl side. At least I'm in tune with myself.

In this post on Hollywood tuna the writer says

"She seems to be having a little trouble containing her big hipster boobs in that thing, but not to worry some lucky son of a bitch with the best job in the world gets to help her adjust them. How does someone get that job and where do I hand in my resume? I don’t have much experience, but I’m a quick learner."

Now, Heres my thought. I want to know who helped the sexy DNA guy adjust his package [ahem] in those wonderful red, white and blue spandex as his member politely salutes to the world.

Check out those sites, meanwhile I'll be climbing in an ice cold shower and then grab a good cup of Coffee.

X's and O's,