Friday, December 4

{ When cats wig out }

I remember when I was a kid and dressup was always fun. The things you find in your moms closet, over-sized shoes, tops, red lipstick, purses. If it was pretty you romped around the house with it til you drove your mom nutts. Then, there was your best friends dog. You could never tell if he was happy if he looked pretty or not, but you thought that it was the best thing in the world.

So, when I hopped over to today to check out their Daily Beauty Blog . You can imagine the last thing I expected to see was cats wearing wigs. They're refering to a post from the Dallas News "Kitty Wigs: two women's quest to give cats good hair". What is good hair? I remember a guest on the Tyra show discussing this subject about "good hair". Well, I never would have thought. Most people try vitamins, bathing and grooming. Now I'm waiting to see Paris Hilton on the red carpet with her new "teacup pig" named Princess Piglet wearing a wig.
Hmm,, nice new switch from "When pigs fly to When pigs wear wigs." I'm sorry no one can top Miss piggy.

Early this afternoon I also ran across another blog at "I hate cute cats too"
Who on earth can hate a cat with a face looking up at you like this? Quit being haters for the super cuteness. ♥

Too all my sexy blog peepers. Have a great night!


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Thursday, December 3

{ Oh Rats: and other things }

Thanksgiving has come and past I wish the turkey had last a little longer though. I'm not sure about most of you folks but I spent Black friday at home til at least the evening at then jammed at a party with a group of friends and listened to them spin some sick tunes. The following week I've spent reorganzing bits of clutter around the house that needed to be done. My pet rats were pretty happy to have me pull there house apart to reorganize their cage, shift the shelves and make their old toys new again.

Boba my PEW (pink-eyed white) decided to come out of his shell when I put more white into his cage. PEW's dont see the same as Black-eyed, the colors are different. I hadnt given this much though before til it dawned on me. However, White with rats is like dressing your kids in White clothes and then sending them outside to play. The brightness is only temporary, but at las'he was happy and most curious.

This week I discovered:
1. Baking Soda and Vinegar unclogs drains
2. There is a floor to my closet
3. Pledge is no good for glass checker boards
4. My Fiances socks will always find themselves on the floor
5. I'm getting old. I'm 29 and I've actually found a white hair.
6. Fried Ramen with Teriyaki sauce is good
7. There are scary people that shop at walmart

I also found an application for Facebook
We'll see how it works. I encourage you guys to Follow you never know what you might learn and I love knowing whose out there reading. Scroll down the left margin and you'll see we're to Follow.

Here's a couple links to shed some boredom. Let me know what you think!
The Strongest girl in the world <-- This is like, Whoa!!
Real Life Invisible Man <-- This dudes got skill
Oh, By the way! Here are the scary people I found at walmart (people of walmart)