Friday, July 15


Its been what it seems forever. Working on a few updates to revamp this place up a bit.


Thursday, June 14

Sunday, March 20

The Sims Medieval

I can't believe this is happening, EA has launched a pre-order of The Sims Medieval. I was completely unaware of this up until a few days ago when I received an email from EA in my inbox. This is totally EPIC.

Sunday, March 13

Hello Sunday

Hello Sunday, daylight savings time, new friends and old. After a good nights sleep and some much needed tweaking, dusting and polishing I touched up my tumblr blog as well as my written and smitten blog. Both of which I have grown quite fond of to an extent I haven't bothered trying to understand beyond its something that gives me a sense of satisfaction in the creative department. I promise I'll try and come up with something more interesting later til then lets watch a penny cartoon.

Sunday, March 6


                              By Bát Tô

 Its almost here.