Thursday, August 19

A better way of life

I'd just like to say I'm tremendously sorry for not posting in so long. However I would like to add that as my life has had its downs in the last months (perhaps year) that things have finally made a turn for the better. Upon my recent triumphs its been decided that its out with the old and in with the new. Its time to wash my soul of the dust collecting within it. Weeks ago, perhaps a month or so ago I ran across an article on Shine by Yahoo "Let the gasping begin: Eloise Suite opens at the Plaza Hotel". Let me just say I must share with you some pictures. This makes me want to rip down the walls and decorate strap on a construction belt maybe even with a pink hammer. (Oh lord, what would Grandpa say). I meant to share this sooner so if you haven't seen it- here goes. The Eloise Suite designed by Betsey Johnson.

                                           Want to see more of the Eloise Suite?