Wednesday, May 6

Challenges: The rocky climb

Here it is, another day to get past yesterday and move toward the future. Sometimes you just have to keep trying no matter how hard the climb. Easier said than done, right? Maybe not. I know sometimes life can be challenging, hard and manipulative but in the end its worth it. Whose to say when that day has come. Some journeys are longer than ever. With so many things happening around us and all seeming to go wrong. It just makes you think .. what in the world am I doing here? Well your living for a matter of fact. Yeah, your life may or not stink right now, but the moments you've experienced those special moments are worth more than anything else in the world. Shit I feel like Ive been climbing rock mountains my whole life without climbing gear. What the heck happened to them any way? Did I drop them? Forget them or did somebody steal them? Maybe it was the vigorous challenge? Maybe I did it on purpose. Challenges in life is what helps you thrive. The mountain maybe rocky but the view from the top will be better than anything else in the world at that single moment. So my advice for today. Live every moment the best that you can and hang on, it will be worth it in the end.

Tuesday, May 5

The first Post: Writers block?

Yikes! I always seem to get writers block on the first post. Never quite sure what to lay out on the table.
For some reason I decided to start a blog for my main focal point on the web. Aside from the well known myspacers and facebook fans. Many people have their ideas about Myspace
, Facebook or the new Twitter phase thats sweeping the net. So I figure why not run them all, there's always the great, grand and all mighty [ delete ] button.

My decision to start a facebook is primarily for close friends and family. I'm not in it for a popularity star! Since my family is widespread its much easy to stay in contact and seems to be much more formal than myspace. So if for some reason I decline your friend request in facebook. You know why. Your either not family or I dont know you well enough to have you on my list. Dont get me wrong I'm a friendly girl, but not everyone needs to know my business. Myspace started out to be interesting slowly fading in color. Then I began to keep it around primarily because it was helping me learn html. I'm not a pro but at least I understand it all now. If you're interested in learning more about html a good start is Twitter is basically my connection between sites to keep people updated on whats happening where. Not necessarily
my every where about. Just a little shout, " Hey this is what I'm doing over here on"or maybe I might decide to share my loathing to do the laundry day. I guess, perhaps it depends on how moody I am.

My new daily indulgences which happen to be my old ones are coming back in picture. Such as my lost love of reading I recently regained thanks to my local libarary. I recently discovered and great author Michelle Rowen also known as Michelle Maddoxx the lady behind the witty books " Bitten and Smitten " and also "Fanged and Fabulous" which happen to be series. I love her, her books are captivating. Humorous and witty. It only took me the first few pages to get sucked in. If you ever get the chance check her out. Until next time this is Brenadette your friendly blogger.