Saturday, December 25

Ho ho ho!

Good Morning, Happy Holidays && Merry Christmas. If you've been wondering where I have been, I've been doing lots of working during the busy holiday and even managed to squish in some holiday shopping. Although my tree got decorated rather slow this year, slower than I had expected and my shopping was done well last minute but felt good to try and be in the holiday cheer although I'm still having a hard time finding the rest of it. Perhaps I'm just tired from ringing up customers during the busy holiday. So christmas is here and will be gone by midnight.

My mornings have been being spent addictive 'ly with tumb1r [mostly] and reading facebook.

So I'm still not entirely up and lots to do still today.  I promise I'll try to think of more to write l8tr and hopefully think of a way to engage my Tumblr activity with my blogspot.

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas!

Holiday kisses xo,  Brenadette