Monday, October 26

I have actually had these links stashed on my desktop for my next post when my dear friend Maliki sent me this loving message via Google talk.

you need to update this
throws fritos at you

So, after being prompted to update my blog, with a stash of Fritos thrown after me.
I decided to toss up a very much needed post.

The following pictures are from very funny and amusing pictures of cats, in ridiculous photos submitted by readers. Check some of my favorites.

I'm hardly sure what to even make of this guy. However its very funny!

I wouldnt put it past my cat to do this either. Poor Vet! I hope that didnt hurt.

If I attempted this with my cat. I would be Mauled !!

Ha, ha, ha... this is great! I practically fell off the chair when seeing this one.
If fleas did this, we'd be in a heep of trouble. No wonder Dr Katz is scared to walk on the carpet.

Ha, ha,, this reminds me of a few people I know.

Okay, well I hope you enjoyed the laughs and giggles for today.
I will attempt to put up a new post. ASAP.
Til then, check out the site

Health wealth and happiness,

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