Sunday, May 24

New internet disaster

Yikes! What a headache. After about a week 1/2 of waiting for my new Att service to [work]
its finally up. I thought getting back online was going to be nice instead it was just a load of stress. Intially the date for setup had to be put off due to climate conditions around the pole, so it was moved to monday. Finally it was setup ... worked- for about 6 hours. Woke up the next morning internet was gone [nooo! this cant be happening] It did. After 3 hours of phone time with Att no resolution I was put on a date with ATT the next day. Att showed up but unfortunataly they said our pc had a problem but the signal was strong. That the ethernet card was bad. [It wasnt. 'Brand New'] So.. After my fiance disassembled the pc and migrated it to his dads to find out that we couldnt connect their. Our pc was destined to have Windows reinstalled. Apparently something went stupid. Fixed that problem. Took Pc home. Put pc back together.
Open and setup new modem. [Nothing]After 12 Att Technicians and multiple level 2 techs. Nothing was resolved our pc gladly connected to the internet at Dads right. [yes] Well not at home with ATT. Turns out after all that manual configuring that Att was doing for us on all those endless hours on the phone. They forgot to correct and complete the order from the initial problem. Our activation day was the 15, however because of all the hassle with the pole it got moved to the 26th without bothering to tell us. Now if the activation date is crucial to our internet working. Why the crap wouldnt a TECHNICIAN think to look at the activation date.
Sorry att but I think your Techs need some more lessons.

Thanks to Rick a [lvl 2] Att Tech and his quick smarts and great service we are back online.
I wish I could feel so thankful for the other 12 techs we talked too.