Sunday, March 20

The Sims Medieval

I can't believe this is happening, EA has launched a pre-order of The Sims Medieval. I was completely unaware of this up until a few days ago when I received an email from EA in my inbox. This is totally EPIC.

There's no way I'll be able to get the Limited Edition which includes:

  • 3 bonus throne rooms in Barbarian, Dark Magic and Princess themes
  • 2 exclusive outfits in Monarch and Executioner themes
Ugh.. seriously I haven't been this excited since Fable 3 came out.
I'm going to justify and rationalize with myself why I need this because its freaking awesome. Even If I can't get this Fabulously Epic Limited edition I'll be satisfied just having the game.. but miracles do happen. Right?

Oh and check out the newest video released on the Official YouTube channel for The Sims™