Thursday, November 19

{ Laundry: The Right to Hang }

Balcony Laundry by tengtan

This morning I was quit disgruntled when I happened to catch a Yahoo News article about a resident of Pennsylvania who was told not to "hang her laundry" outside to dry by a town official and some neighbors.

"They said it made the place look like trailer trash," she said, in her yard across the street from a row of neat, suburban houses. "They said they didn't want to look at my 'unmentionables.'"– Carin Froehlich (U.S. residents fight for the right to hang laundry by Jon Hurdle)

This really bugs me. For ages Americans like Froehlich and ourselves have been hanging our laundry outside. Theres a great history behind it. Our parents and grandmothers who spent days outside in the warm summer sun hanging up linens, blankets, clothes to dry. My Grandmother always said she loved how they smelled after being outside. Not only does this save money but its a relaxation almost mediation state for many of us. Or women who chit chat with there children and friends. Its a time of bonding with outdoors, our heritage and expresses a type of freedom.

"It's an image that epitomizes summertime: freshly laundered sheets pinned on a clothesline, billowing languidly in a warm breeze. But that iconic summer sight — so nostalgic, so pure — is becoming rarer, falling victim not just to hectic lives, but to restrictive ordinances and convenants. " -By Dru Sefton (Clotheslines: Conservation of watts and the old ways drive a movement)

I dont care, its just not right. If you believe in something you should stand up for it. Specially during this time with all the unemployment and low cash flow. I'm sorry but things get expensive, laundry matts are even expensive and if I can afford another meal by hanging my clothes outside I'm going to do it. So move over. I'm coming full force through my yard with a basket of laundry and a bundle of clothespins. If you don't like it "Heres a quarter call someone who cares."

"The Environmentally-Friendly Way to Dry Your Family's Laundry!
In the "olden days" it was a common sight to see housewives hanging the family's laundry
outdoors to dry. It was the only real option, until gas- and electric-powered appliances became
available. Now many families depend on dryers to dry their clothing. Environmentally-conscious
families are returning to the quaint custom of hanging clothes on a clothesline as part of their
effort to reduce energy usage and preserve our environment."- J.E. Davidson (Tips for Hanging Laundry on a clothesline)

Need to refresh your Laundry hanging skills J.E. Davidson covers the basics. If you want more you have to check out the article on

1. How To Hang Linens So They're Soft and Fluffy
(tips for avoiding stiff uncomfortable laundry)

2. If You Wear It On Top, Pin It At The Bottom, and Vice Versa
(like hanging multiple sheets and towels in overlapping rows)

3. More helpful hints
(like hanging dark colors indoors, what not to hang, avoiding bird-traffic)

Project Laundry List is an organization dedicated to inform people like us of the Benefits, Rights, and awareness of hanging laundry.

There mission statement: making air-drying and cold-water washing laundry acceptable and desirable as simple and effective ways to save energy.

For those of you looking for more information regarding Project Laundry List or those that are curious here are their principles they've stated from there website.
  • It is not enough to define a problem and offer no solutions.
  • Our consumption patterns create the demand for electricity.
  • The generation of nuclear power is an inefficient energy source producing an abundance of hazardous waste of which we cannot safely dispose.
  • Raising awareness of existing alternatives to nuclear power and large hydroelectric projects will help people and corporations to make appropriate technological choices.
  • Nobody should have to live, work, or play near a nuclear facility.
  • No culture or community should be destroyed by a hydroelectric facility or any other monolithic corporate project.
  • The sun is the most powerful nuclear reactor and can serve many purposes—none of which should be ignored.
  • All citizens nation-wide should have the legal right to hang out their laundry.
  • North Americans, as all people, must lead by example.
  • Frugality, or thrift, needs to be a universally practiced virtue.
I really hope we all pull together and can remember that theres more to just Hanging Laundry outside. For the people that seem to have such a big problem with this I feel really sorry for them. I really do. Something so petty but also one of the most common moments for every person throughout history. If we have to listen to your snobbish remarks, rediculous views of the world and two-faced stories, and lies the goverment tells us .. you can view our "unmentionables" and our "Right to Hang".

Health, Wealth and Happiness,