Saturday, June 20

Things discovered

1. After about 20 minutes of going through icons at mywackospace that the site failed to finish processing my generated code. Them bastards. I guess I'll stick to photoshop cs2 and do my own.

2. That my horoscope for yesterday seemed a little to freaky to crap I deal with in life.

June 19, 2009 Cancer (6/22-7/22) You've often wondered about what might happen to the ones you love if you decided to stop taking care of them. Would they sink, swim or find someone else to care for them -- in which case, you'd never be able to live with the guilt. Regardless, it's just about time for you to do both yourself. Give them a few referral numbers, a pep talk, make your exit and see what happens.

3. This cute pic of a kitten meeting its first rat friend.
[posted by lostmycat on flickr]

4. People dont seem to use yahoo anymore these days!
Either my friends dont have me on their list or everyone is
using twitter/facebook/myspace. I'm always open for new
friend invites. Come on people.

5. I have 8 people following me on twitter. Only 2 of these friends
have pictures. Pictures people pictures, ya pain in the butts.
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5. Cheeto Lip balm [?] What will they come up next. Check out this blog by Mario Marsicano