Saturday, October 30

Have You Ever Thought Of Sleeping Standing Up?

Well, Apparently Jamie O'Shea did of the "Office for the development of Substitute Materials" when they created The Vertical Bed with the support of LMCC's  Swing Space Program. Could you imagine using this while waiting for the bus or train?

"The Vertical Bed. Allows user to sleep in a standing position. At Broadway and 33rd St. in New York for a 40 minute nap at 6:00 pm. Naps were repeated at four hour intervals in a polyphasic sleep schedule. Subject could smell the cologne of passersby, and dreamed of a subversive van." -

 Watch the Time-lapse video, a 40 minute nap compressed to 2 minutes.

"Vertical Bed armature collapses into briefcase. Fully supports body weight by attaching to subway ventilation grating. Noise-canceling headphones, opaque sunglasses, and free standing umbrella included. Made with the support of the LMCC's Swing Space Program and performed for the Conflux festival." -